After your visit.

U came today to me. How is incredible this situation, when you stay near window in my room, near this window, near my quite place. And you're touching my staff, and in the same way you're touching my soul. Before today I was in story, story for kids about princess and prince. You came to my life and u surprised me. You take off my rules, and you made new. Now, I can feel it's real.
How I could feel, when I was confused, I didn't know what's happen? Sometimes I wanted just to run away, as far as I can, to make my life easy again. But you day by day stole my weak heart. Your point was learn my little heart how to fly like butterfly. And u have to know, that I remember every second, when we're smiling, laughing, fighting just to kiss each other. But I remember this days too, when you were tired with too many things and too many people. Everyone wanted something from u. And I wanted something from u too. I could went away, I could forget, give you time, freedom and I didn't make it just because I remember all our memories. 
And today u came to me, when u felt really bad. U see what I did? Maybe I'm very weak in normal day, in too many situations I'm not strong. I know, that u don't like weak people and I try. But can u see? Today I made what I want because I knew that I'm not wrong. I proved you, that when u forget your proud u will see the different. I knew, when u came to me I can make u feel better. I didn't want nothing from u, even if you thought another. Today I really wanted to make u happy, to make you relax, to remember you that u always have someone who care about your feeling, about your beautiful big heart, your amazing smart mind. And now u are far again, but I remember u. Maybe I feel little alone... But hey, we are one KK.


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